Blockchain Consulting


The world is totally focused on the evolution and rapid rise of Blockchain technologies. It is important for companies to understand how their specific business challenges could be resolved with the power of Blockchain technology.

Soulstice’s Blockchain Consulting services help you identify how Blockchain technology could be leveraged to ensure greater ROI for business processes and investments.


Assess Current Process and Evaluate the Blockchain Fit

It is important for us to ensure that the higher-ups of the clients gain a complete understanding of Blockchain technology; and its benefits and challenges. After this, we thoroughly assess the current internal and external business processes of the client.

Brainstorming and Applicability

We deep-dive into the current business processes of the clients and identify areas with loopholes, and with scope for improvements. Once an understanding is reached, we build a higher level understanding on how Blockchain technology could optimize the processes, securely and with productivity. After this stage, we arrive at a state of how much Blockchain
technology could help the clients; and determine if going to the next stage is feasible.

Solution Designing

In this stage, a clear and comprehensive solution framework is designed with all the inputs of the previous discussions inculcated in the framework. In this stage, the component would be how the information is stored in the Blockchain, and how various relevant decision makers would interact with the Blockchain, through role assignments. A proposition of the devices/platform needed for the successful implementation is also proposed.

Proof of Concept & Implementation

Producing and demonstration POC illustrates how all the outlined objectives are met through the solution design. Once the demonstration of POC is successful, to the satisfaction of all parties, full-scale implementation of the solution is started. The solution developed, after an efficient following of the stages, meets all the needs and objectives and is ready to be integrated into the business processes.


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